Global Partnership Forum Wrap-up

Women from over 12 countries made their way to Toronto on October 25 and 26 for the 2010 TIAW World of Difference Awards and TIAW Global Partnership Forum co-hosted by CWC. This group of influential, high-achieving women spent two days focussing on making connections and building relationships to effect positive economic change for women in Canada and around the world.

(Video curtesy of Nadine Anglin)

To view photos from the forum and awards, click here. Thanks to Larry Kryski of Spell Bound Publishing for the great photos!

To view copies of forum presentations by Teresa Correia de Lacerda of European Women’s Management Development International Network “Effective Leadership for Corporate Sustainability,” Christina Ioannidis “Breaking Gender Stereotypes” and others, click here.

Thanks to the Globe & Mail a number of delegates were sponsored to attend the forum and awards as CWC “Citizen Journalists.” These delegates recorded, tweeted and blogged about a variety of topics covered throughout the sessions.

Blogs and articles:

Nadine Sharon Anglin
I Am Kick-Ass: The International Alliance of Women Global Forum
What Does a Bank President Look Like?

Carmen Joy King
Citizen Journalist for TIAW Conference
Among the Lionesses

Terra Lariviere
Quotable Quotes 

CWC Virtual Mentor Blog
The Globe and Mail CFO Sandra Mason Speaks at International Conference for Women
6 Tips from Successful Entrepreneur Marnie Walker
Women Helping Women

Lisa Taylor
Finding Myself at TIAW: Solace for a Corporate Refuge

Other tweets:

Christina Ioannidis – @christinai
Gene Hayden – @followthrufacts
Deborah Day – @dday10

Thanks again to all the delegates, award winners, citizen journalists, speakers and sponsors who made this year’s forum a great success!


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